Legal warning

Legal issues related to the conditions of use of our web portal.

1. Contact Information

Company Name: Mona Lisa Properties H4645903H

Registered Office: Calle Jaen 9 Calahonda – Mijas 29649 Málaga

Phone: +34 951492688

2. Responsible for the processing of your personal data

Your personal data will be processed by the company ”Mona Lisa Properties”.

Delegate for Data Protection , with whom you can contact through the email address INFO@MLPROPERTIESSPAIN.COM

3. Finality of the treatment of your data and legitimacy.

When Mona Lisa Properties performs the processing of your personal data, it pursues the following purposes:

Purpose 1: provision of the services offered by the commercialization of real estate assets

Mona Lisa Properties provides an exclusive marketing service for real estate assets directly. Through our sales network you can find out all the properties we have available, their description, characteristics and price, as well as visit them or make an offer for them and enjoy other added services that we carry out in order to carry out the commercialization activity of the buildings. Through your request and interest in any of the properties that we commercialize, your personal data will be processed to: (1 ) process your registration as an interested client and potential buyer; ( 2 ) process your request to visit the property in which you are interested; ( 3 ) process the presentation of your offer for the property in which you are interested; ( 4 ) process and respond to your questions, queries or claims made through our contact phone. Also, on our web portal, You can find the properties that we commercialized published, know their description, features, price, photos, plus other services added to carry out the real estate commercialization activity. By using the services offered on our website and, in accordance with the Terms of Use of the web portal, your personal data may be processed to: ( 5 ) process your registration as a web user; process your contact request to know more details about the property in which you are interested or arrange a visit;

Purpose 2 : statistical information and satisfaction surveys

Mona Lisa Properties has a legitimate interest in knowing both the opinion of its users regarding the properties it sells and the services it offers, as well as its interests in the search of real estate, its browsing habits, etc. (For example, knowing which areas are the most demanded by users in the search for real estate, what kind of properties are the most demanded, the most demanded price range, the days and hours in which more real estate searches are carried out, among others) with the aim of being able to offer products and services more adjusted to the needs of its customers and users, as well as to improve both current and future products and services as well as their process of provision and commercialization.

To achieve the objective set out in the previous paragraph, Mona Lisa Properties will be able to process your data and:

  • Conduct satisfaction surveys both telephone and electronic, even once you stop being a user of the web portal or stop showing interest in a property and, in these latter cases, to know the reasons for its progress.
  • Proceed with anonymization, so that the information of your interests, searches and browsing habits can not be linked with your person and, after that, carry out statistical and econometric studies (for example, knowing the life cycle of the client or user and / or identify patterns of abandonment propensity).

Purpose 3 : communication of data to Public Organizations and Public Administrations in compliance with legal obligations

Mona Lisa Properties must comply with certain obligations established by the regulations on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, which could involve the request of data on their business or professional activity before Public Organizations in order to verify the information provided, or communication and / or consultation of data to the Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain, in the cases legally established.

Purpose 4 : sending commercial communications about similar properties and offers and promotions from Mona Lisa Properties.

In the event that you give your consent, Mona Lisa Properties may send you by any channel, electronic or otherwise, segmented commercial information about the properties in which you have previously shown interest (for example, a decrease in the price of a property that you visited or saved as a favourite in your personal user account of our web portal) or on properties with similar characteristics (for example, properties located in the same area or similar to the ones you visited or saved as a favourite in your personal user account of our web portal) as well as Mona Lisa Properties offers and promotions that may interest you, directly or because they are related to the provision, improvement and update of our services.

This commercial information may be generic or personalized. In the latter case, it will involve the previous processing of your data in order to be able to proceed with its profiling, determine tastes, preferences and needs and, based on these, identify the information that may be most interesting to you.

At any time and for free, you can object to this purpose to not receive new commercial information, offers and promotions, indicating it by mail to the address above or by email to , in all electronic commercial communications you will be informed, again, of your right to oppose the sending of commercial communications.

Purpose 5 : communication of data to third companies that provide services related to the real estate sector and to collaborating companies

Third companies provide services related to the sectors related to the commercialization of real estate assets, including their financing, promotion, titling and others of added value to them

Purpose 6 : communication of data to service providers

If you give your consent, Mona Lisa Properties may communicate your data to companies that provide services that allow a better commercialization of the real estate asset in which you have shown interest and whose sectors of activity are the financial, the insurer or the provision of household supplies ( for example, water supply, electricity, gas, etc.), with the aim of offering a personalized service according to your needs in those areas with respect to the property in which you have shown interest.

4. What data do we deal with?

For the purposes set out in the previous section, we deal with a set of personal data that can be divided into the following sources and categories:

a) Data provided directly by you: at the time of registration as a web user and / or in the application itself, through the completion of the forms for this purpose enabled.

The client guarantees that, the data provided to Mona Lisa Properties for the provision of the services requested respond truthfully to the real situation and that it will communicate any modification that affects them. Consequently, the customer will be liable to STAR and third parties for any damages or losses caused as a result of breach of the obligations assumed in this clause.

b) Data derived from the provision of the service: all data that we already know from any previous interaction with you (for example, searches and interests made on real estate or properties with common characteristics, visits made to real estate, offers made by real estate , previous sales of properties marketed by Mona Lisa Properties , claims or requests for information, etc.).

Mona Lisa Properties will keep your personal data as long as they are necessary for the development of the requested service or as long as they are necessary for the development and conclusion of the commercialization of the property in which you are interested. After this period, the data will be deleted in accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations and the other applicable regulations, which implies their blocking, being available only at the request of Judges and Tribunals, the Public Prosecutor or the Public Administrations competent during the limitation period of the actions that could derive to be subsequently eliminated.

For the purposes of the foregoing paragraph, Mona Lisa Properties will proceed to block those users who are inactive, that is, those who do not access their personal web portal account or interact with Mona Lisa Properties requesting any of their services for a period of 5 days. years. Likewise, Mona Lisa Properties informs you that, in the event that the Money Laundering Prevention and Financing of Terrorism regulations are applied in the processing of your data (for example, when you finally acquire a specific property marketed by
Mona Lisa Properties ), you have the obligation to keep your personal data for a minimum period of ten years.

6 Recipients those who communicate their personal data.

Mona Lisa Properties will be able to communicate its data to all entities and organizations with which it has an obligation or has obtained its consent. Among others, following:

Authorities or official bodies of other countries, located both inside and outside the European Union, within the framework of the fight against fraud, the financing of terrorism and serious forms of organized crime and the prevention of money laundering. Among others, your data may be communicated to the Executive Service of the Money Laundering and Monetary Offenses Commission – SEPBLAC when required.

Courts and Courts, and State Security Forces and Corps, in case Mona Lisa Properties may be required to communicate personal data in the framework of a judicial investigation.

To companies and Collaborators for which you have given consent.

7. Are there International Data Transfers?

In certain cases, Mona Lisa Properties performs International Data Transfers in compliance with the requirements of the European Data Protection Regulation. In this sense, when the owners or managers of the assets are in the US, their data may be transferred to that territory for the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, for which we will ask for your free consent, Express and unambiguous.

8. Your rights and how to exercise them

Our data protection regulations confer a series of rights in relation to the processing of data that our services imply and that we can summarize in the following:

Right of access: you have the right to know what kind of data we are dealing with and the characteristics of the treatment we are carrying out.

Right of rectification: you can request the modification of your data because they are inaccurate or not true.

Portability right: you can obtain a copy in an interoperable format of the data that is being processed.

Right to limitation of treatment in the cases included in the Law.

Right of withdrawal: you can request the deletion of your data when the treatment is no longer necessary.

Right of opposition: you can request the cessation of commercial communications in the terms indicated above.

Right to revoke the consent given.

You can exercise your rights by email addressed to the address or by postal communication to the address Calle Jaen 9 Calahonda – Mijas Costa 29640 MALAGA indicating the right to exercise and attaching your ID or similar identification documentation. Likewise, you have the right to file a claim with the control authority (in Spain, the Spanish Data Protection Agency).